DVD109 - Catfight - Bragging Rights
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Sexy, erotic and arousing are the words that can only explain this DVD. Some call it cat fighting, others may just say it's sexually stimulating as Goldie Blair and I face off in some a breast to breast action. We eye each other up slowly and then make our move to provoke the other. Then we get at it on a fur rug as we explore each others body. Kissing, trib, 69, spanking and squirting.

  • Anal:
  • cat fighting:
  • Fetish:
  • Girl/Girl:
  • Large Breasts:
  • Lesbian:
  • Masturbation:
  • Oral:
  • spanking:
  • Squirting:
  • Trib:
  • Item #: DVD109
  • Manufacturer: Californiawildcats

DVD109 - Catfight - Bragging Rights

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